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The Hostess With a Vintage Flare!

Are you planning on hosting your own holiday party? We all love the classic image of a hostess dressed in her holiday dress decorating the table and the Christmas tree to the sound of a Bing Crosby record. This week we’re going to bask in a little holiday nostalgia and show you how to get that classic holiday party look and feel.

Let’s start off with how you can set the mood for your party. The easiest ways to give your home and party a boost of Christmas spirit is play some classic Christmas music and light a holiday candle. One of greatest Christmas album created was by Bing Crosby in 1945.… Read more

Playboy Bunny: History and Costume

We are just days away from Halloween! So in the spirit of the season, we are going to give you a little back story to an iconic uniform. The Playboy Bunny Uniform.

Everyone over the age of 16 has probably heard of the Playboy Bunny. This company was founded in Chicago in 1953 by Hugh Hefner. The first issue of the magazine, sold for fifty cents a copy, was printed later that year and featured the very famous and beautiful Marilyn Monroe. There was over fifty thousand total copies sold! This gave the company the momentum it needed to create a unique brand and experience.… Read more

Fall Fashion Through the Decades!

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall, here at Secrets and Lace, we are so excited for cooler weather! The cooler weather means you can wear your vintage sweaters, boots, and of course more stockings and garter belts! But today, instead of showing you what we have in stock on the SIL website, how about we talk to you about the different outfits and eras you can wear. We are inspired by the retro and classic styles of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s. Be prepared to see classic high waisted skirts, plaid, and bell bottom pants. These are some of the most iconic clothing of those time periods.… Read more

A Lady’s Luxury: Perfumes

A woman’s signature scent is incredibly specific and special. Some women prefer citrus scents and others prefer more musky tones. Once a woman finds one that works for her, it becomes part of their presence – part of who they are, and how they choose to portray themselves. Below are some of the most remarkable and renowned vintage scents in history. Some are discontinued, some have gone through various changes throughout the ages, but they still hold their place in prestige in luxury perfumeries.

Created in 1947 by Germaine Cellier, Balmain Vent Vert blends green florals that are incredibly fresh and sometime even bitter, adding to its uniqueness.… Read more

Classic Beauty: Vintage Makeup!

The 1940s and 50s were great in more ways than one, but one thing that is truly great in that era is how simple and timeless women looked with their makeup. Makeup is meant to enhance a woman’s natural beauty – to elevate it – and we have the right tips for you to help her do just that from lipstick shades to ideal eyebrow shapes, we will help guide her to her fullest potential.

No other era embraced the power of refined brows and a shockingly red lip like the 1950’s. There’s something about a clean shaped brow paired with a bold lip.… Read more

Vintage Fashion: Jewelry Through the Decades!

When looking back at how fashion trends have changed through the decades, we must focus on the pieces that can transform an ensemble – jewelry. Women around the world have embraced these accessories to not only frost an outfit, but also to express themselves and their personalities. This week, we’ll be taking a little ride through history to see how jewelry trends have changed in some of our favorite decades. Maybe it’ll inspire your next purchase for the lovely lady in your life – just maybe.

What a time to be alive, especially with all the impeccably dressed women. The 1920s gave rise to the Art Deco style of luxury goods.… Read more

The Perfect Summer Accessory: Sunglasses!

There’s a lot of talk of how vintage fashion has transcended trends throughout time. What’s incredible interesting is the way accessories have changed through time, emulating social and cultural norms of the era. Nothing says this more than sunglasses. Sunglasses are the only accessories that have the ability to transform what someone looks like with the way it rests on the bridge of the nose and structures the face. Though vintage sunglasses usually represent styles that were popular in the past, so many of these styles have reemerged or have stayed popular through the years. Some of these trends include cat eye, wayfarers, and round glasses.… Read more

The Great American Pastime: Movie Night

Sometimes, the best things to do is staying in and relaxing with a movie and some popcorn. It can be a time to unwind and transport yourself to a different time and place. It can be a time to escape the hectic everyday hustle. If you don’t already have a movie in mind, no worries, here are some of our favorites classics.

Jaws has one of the most recognizable and fear-instilling soundtracks…with only two notes. Steven Spielberg adapted Peter Benchley’s novels into what is considered the “father of the summer blockbuster.” Jaws tells the story of a young woman is killed by a shark while skinny-dipping near tourist town Amity Island.… Read more

American Summers: Beach Wear!

Summer is here! Picnics in the park, bike rides around the neighborhood, and weekend trips to the beach await your presence with your gal by your side. This means a need for classic vintage swimwear that is flattering for every body type with their retro and vintage silhouettes, halter-tops, and ruched bottoms. Imagine yourself with your leading lady on Coney Island in the 1920s eating a classic Nathan’s Hot Dog. With these pieces, you’ll feel like you’ve brought your very own Marilyn to the beach with you.

The sweetheart cut accentuates her bust while also being a clean classic cut for many sundresses.… Read more

Classic Hollywood Beauties: The Life of Veronica Lake

There’s something timeless about Old Hollywood Stars. Their elegance, style, and charm prevail through the ages and their legacies. This week, we will highlight the life of beauty Veronica Lake.

Veronica Lake was born in Brooklyn, New York on November 14, 1922 as Constance Frances Marie Ockelman. Her father worked for an oil company but tragically died in an oil tanker explosion. Veronica’s radiant beauty and natural charm, combined with a talent for acting, inspired her mother and stepfather to move to Beverly Hills, California where they enrolled her in an acting school in Hollywood. As a child, Veronica was diagnosed as Schizophrenic, but her parents viewed acting as a form of treatment.… Read more