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Vintage Outfits to Pair With Your Classic Lingerie

Vintage lingerie and loungewear is definitely our specialty, but many women who shop our store love incorporating vintage looks into their everyday style as well. Today on the blog we’re sharing some of our favorite street style looks, based off of some very well loved icons of the past and present.


We’ll start with modern day diva, Dita Von Teese. She’s known for her burlesque shows, iconic vintage hair and makeup, and of course her killer style. Whether it be on the red carpet or the sidewalk, this gal never has a hair out of place, or an outfit that’s anything but perfectly tailored.… Read more

Stock Up On Summer Lingerie with Secrets in Lace!

This week we’re showcasing some of our favorite garments for summer. While it’s always fun to shop for new clothing styles from season to season, keep in mind that lingerie and undergarments can vary by season as well. From color, to material, to functionality, below are a few of our favorite items you will get great use out of this summer.

Stockings and thigh highs are perfect to add some protection against your legs in the cooler months, but what about stockings in the summer? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t dress just as glamorously all year long. Our stockings are made from super sheer 100% 15 denier nylon so they’re sure to keep you comfortable in the heat.… Read more

Vintage Movies To Go With Your Vintage Loungewear

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We’re taking a quick pause from fashion this week, and instead showcasing some of our favorite vintage movies of all time. Dressing up for a night on the town in a glamorous outfit and fabulous lingerie underneath is always fun, but sometimes staying in and staging a movie night is just as entertaining–not to mention relaxing. So slip into your favorite Secrets in Lace pajamas, or loungewear and choose one (or all), of the following movies to cuddle up to.

A Brief Encounter (1945) is a classic story of forbidden love. The film starring Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard portray the story of a typical housewife who meets a handsome doctor in a train station café.… Read more

Vintage Style Files: Lillian Gish

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While we frequently starlets from the 40′s, 50′s and 60′s, this week we’re featuring one of the earliest grande dames of cinema. This week on the blog, we’re featuring Lillian Gish. For those unfamiliar with the name, Gish was an American-born actress and director. She was born in 1893 and had a career that lasted for over 75 years, due to her success in both the silent-era as well as the sound-era of film she earned the honorable nickname of The First Lady of American Cinema. While we frequently


In terms of her career in acting, she made her debut in An Unseen Enemy in 1912 when she was just 19 years old.… Read more

Burlesque Inspired Styles from Secrets in Lace!

In honor of celebrating Cinco de Mayo this week, we decided to focus on the attention-grabbing style. Anything around this holiday focuses on vibrant and bright colors along with tons of frills and any over-the-top embellishments to keep everyone’s eyes on you. After reviewing many of these styles there were certainly some similarities to what you’ll find in the world of burlesque performances, so this week we decided to show you some of our favorite burlesque inspiration as well as how to achieve that look on your own. Who says it has to be a holiday to dress like the center of attention?… Read more

Vintage Style Icons: Elaine Stewart

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Many vintage starlets and fashion icons serve as some of our best inspiration at Secret’s in Lace. You can see that through our wonderful and extensive Bettie Page Collection! But just because we don’t name an entire collection after every leading lady, doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same attention! This week, its Elaine Stewart. A Jersey girl born and raised, this American actress is most well known not just for her acting roles, but her amazing physique and sultry roles she played so well.

She was actually born to the name Elsy Steinberg, but after she was picked up by a modeling agency while still in her teens, she switched her name to one she found to be more glamorous.… Read more

Lounging in Style With Hollywood Starlets

Obviously here at Secrets in Lace we’re all about the glamour, the seduction, the beauty, the total intrigue of vintage fashion. But there’s no denying the fact that no matter how much beautiful lingerie, decadent silks, or delicate lace pieces you own, sometimes you just want to curl up in bed, in your favorite chair, or anywhere that’s not your office desk! This week we’re taking a fun little spin-off of our starlet features by showing that even Hollywood royalty needs to rest every now and then. These vintage pictures show our favorite leading ladies catching a break just as you would.… Read more

Vintage Style Icons: Mitzi Gaynor

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Love learning more about the fabulous vintage starlets that graced the screens and stages during the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s? This week we’re featuring the beautiful Mitzi Gaynor. She was American-born to a mother who was a trained dancer, and a father who was a music director and performer. Being born with those genes definitely set her up for success!

At 11 years old, Gaynor and her family moved to Hollywood where she immediately began her career. Starting out as a chorus dancer, she moved up quickly signing a deal with 20th Century Fox at just 17 years old. One of her most notable performances has to be There’s No Business Like Show Business (1954), a musical comedy where she starred alongside other greats like Marilyn Monroe, Johnnie Ray, Ethel Merman, and others.… Read more

Vintage Style Icons: Mae West

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When you think about some of the greatest actors and actresses of all time, it’s impossible to leave out Mae West. Like many actresses of her time, she was known for a multitude of talents, like acting, modeling, comedy, singing, and playwriting. On today’s blog, Secrets in Lace is featuring her as our starlet of the week. After reading about her many accomplishments, and her sultry attitude you will definitely become part of her fan club–if you’re not already!

She was born in 1893 in Brooklyn, New York and started her career early, appearing in many Broadway shows by the time she was 18.… Read more

Vintage Lingerie 101: Where does the bullet bra come from?

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As readers of our blog, and shoppers of our online store, we’re assuming it’s pretty safe to say that you are a lover vintage lingerie, fashion, icons…pretty much anything vintage. We’re always proud to have the most authentic vintage stockings and undergarments, but it’s also fun to understand where they came from and the history behind it all. So today we’re taking a little trip down memory lane to explore the history of the bullet bra. This iconic shape is a best-seller on our site, and now you’ll get to see how this classic garment came to fruition.

They first became popular during the 1940’s and were created to give women’s chests more shape and lift.… Read more