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Popular Beauty Trends On Your Favorite Vintage Starlets

Who doesn’t love vintage style? Our blog features some amazing profiles on vintage starlets including their sense of fashion, life, and career, the leading men by their sides, and even the famous designers who loved to dress them.  But with vintage fashion we also love looking at their beauty routines. Because as fun as it is to recreate the styles of that era, the hair and makeup can be just as glamorous! Keep reading to take a look at some of the most iconic looks, and you’ll be instantly inspired to start your own vintage transformation.


One of the most interesting and intriguing looks was the “natural” look from the 40’s.… Read more

Vintage Icon: Style King, James Dean!

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful vintage style lady, right? Profiling them on our blog is one of our favorite things to write about, but we can’t forget about the leading men who were often by their side, or shining bright on their own. Today, we’re talking about James Dean, one of Hollywood’s hottest style icons, bad boys, and a legend on and off the screen. He perfectly embodied the teenage unrest in the popular film, Rebel Without A Cause. But there was much more to him, and the short time that he was with us he left a distinct memory both with fashion and acting.… Read more

The New Arrivals Continue: Four Great New Stockings For Summer!

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Even though it’s the middle of the summer, we continue to roll in great new arrivals! This week on the blog, we’re showing off four of our newest stockings, which can all work for different purposes or styles. Keep reading to see which one you like the best, but we won’t blame you if you can’t pick just one favorite!

The Natalie Diamond Heel Stocking is one of the most exclusive styles we have here at Secrets in Lace. This beige stocking is the ultimate in vintage style with the traditional welt design, which we’ve added a small ivory Picot to the top of.… Read more

Celebrate the Fourth of July with America’s Sweethearts!

The Fourth of July is right around the corner! Celebrating one of America’s most popular holidays is always a good time–some celebrate the rich history and fun trivia facts behind it, some are anxious to go to all night barbecues and parties, and some of us are just in it for the fireworks. But if there’s one thing we all like to celebrate it’s beautiful vintage fashion and starlets. That’s why this Fourth of July-themed blog is geared towards profiling four of our most loved American-born actresses and starlets.

Lillian Gish was born in Springfield, Ohio and had a career that ranged from stage, screen, television, writing, and directing.… Read more

Starlet of the Week: Vivien Leigh

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We’re taking a break from product promotion and turning back to our much loved vintage starlets. This week we’re featuring a British female, winner of multiple Academy Awards, Vivien Leigh. Many of us know her from her roles in Gone With The Wind, and A Streetcar Named Desire, however she has also done a good bit of broadway acting and has also earned herself a Tony Award. Talk about a high achiever! But like many actresses and models, there is more to her story than what she did on screen. Keep reading to learn more about the famous actress and view some beautiful pictures from her past!… Read more

Endless Lingerie and Outerwear Possibilities With The Vintage Retro Chic Collection!

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If you’ve been following us on Facebook, there’s no doubt you’ve seen a peek of our great new arrivals. Today, we’re sharing how our new arrivals both in lingerie and outerwear can coordinate and work together. Between our Bullett Bras, Garter Belts, Tap Pants, Sweaters, Full Cut Panties, and the newest Kimono, you’ll be able to mix and match to your heart’s desire!


First check out each of our individual items– The Floral Tap Pant and the Dominique Tap Pant are lovely loungewear options made out of smooth and silky chiffon with our signature lace trim detailing. You can find these in the floral print which matches the kimono, or a number of other great colors like the red and yellow which coordinate with our other items in this collection. … Read more

Vintage Starlets Catching Some Rest: See Why We Love Glamorous Loungewear!

Yesterday, we debuted our beautiful Floral Printed Kimono on the website. Our followers had a sneak peak of this beauty during Lingerie Fashion Week, but we are so excited to finally be able to offer it to purchase from the site! So far it’s, been a hit, and it got us thinking about how our favorite vintage stars may have lounged around as well. After all, many of these starlets pioneered the styles that we love today! Keep reading today’s blog to see some of our favorite starlets in their fabulous loungewear, then you can head on over to our website and check out our other robes and lounging gowns so you can look the part too!… Read more

The French Postcard: From Banned Material, To Beautiful Art!

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We love looking back at vintage inspired art, fashion, photography, cinema, and much more. And this week, we’re profiling the very popular French postcards. For those that have not heard of them before, we’re sure you’ll have an appreciation for the images. In the 20th century, people started pushing the boundaries on what was acceptable and what was not. While we love things like pin-up art, boudoir and burlesque shows, there was a time when simply showing your garter straps was unheard of.

Erotic photography dates back to the 1800’s, but for the purpose of this blog we’re focusing on the influence the French had on the movement.… Read more

Celebrate spring with our fashionable new arrivals!

We are so excited to be getting so many of our new spring arrivals in, and in addition to our amazing new lingerie pieces, we have also expanded our outerwear as well. After all, a true lover of vintage fashion usually wants to be able to work it into all aspects of their wardrobe, not just lingerie. Today, we’re creating the perfect outfit that you can seamlessly transition from the office to date night.

As with any outfit, you’ll need to start with the right lingerie. We chose our new Elizabeth Open Bottom Girdle in the striking black color. The side zipper makes this a user-friendly piece of lingerie to get on and off, and will help transform your torso into that perfectly shaped hourglass figure.… Read more

Celebrate the History of the Oscars and Vintage Fashion

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This past Sunday marked the 2015 Academy Awards, where many talented actors, actresses, producers, directors, and more hope to walk away with the coveted Oscar. The very first Academy Awards were held in 1929, and it’s clear to see they’ve grown bigger every year since then. Aside from wanting to see all of the films before Oscar Sunday so you can weigh in on the nominations, what most people live for now is the fashion. From the Red Carpet to the presenters, performers, and nominees, this is the night to shine! This week we thought we’d take a look back at some of our favorite looks over the past 87 years.… Read more