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Happy Thanksgiving from Secrets in Lace!

First, we’d like to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our wonderful customers! We are so lucky to be able to produce beautiful lingerie everyday and bring out the nostalgia and feel from the vintage era. We’ve been lucky to be surrounded by customers who share the love of vintage garments, and today we’re showing off some of our favorite reasons we’re grateful for vintage style. From playful pinups to glamorous gowns, there’s more than enough reasons to love these looks!

First up, we’re grateful for glamour lounging. This ideal was brought to life perfectly by Hollywood starlets like Jean Harlow.… Read more

Vintage Staples For All Your Holiday Needs!

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Thanksgiving usually marks the first of the holiday season (although most stores skip over it and head straight for Christmas), and with that usually comes lots of traveling, time with family, dinner parties, hosting parties, the list goes on and on! To make sure that you are on your a-game this season, we’ve included a list of must-haves to get through the holiday season in style.


Nothing says “the holidays” like a little extra shine and glitter. Our Shiny Seamed Fully Fashioned Stocking has the pointed french heel style that you love along with the backseam which is done in a metallic glitter.… Read more

Beautiful Loungewear Looks For Dark and Cold Winter Nights

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Temperatures are starting to drop and the holiday season is creeping up on us once again. While stores are already filled with Christmas decorations and you may be stressing about gift shopping already – we prefer to enjoy the coziness and relaxation of the fall and winter seasons. After all, there’s something wonderful and heart-warming about being able to curl up with someone special and enjoy a relaxing night. Today, we’re showing off the best loungewear to enjoy these times in – from glamorous camisoles to robes and pajama sets, there’s something for every one and every style.

We’re excited to show off new arrivals from our Dominique Collection, now your favorite styles are available in new color combinations.… Read more

Prints, Textures, And More! A Look Back On Stocking Variations

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We’re back this week with some more interesting facts about the history of stockings. We’ve talked before about their origins which date way back to the Renaissance age, but what most of us are striving to recreate are the looks from the 20’s-50’s. In the 1920’s women were finally allowed to show off their legs! After all, after it had been dubbed “in style” by the start of the flapper era, it was no longer frowned upon for women to show off their legs above knee length. And man, are we grateful for that movement! We recognize the flapper uniform usually by the iconic dress with tassels that move and shake with your body, usually accompanied by fishnet stockings, or stockings with a backseam.… Read more

We’re Keeping The Romance Alive With The New Jennifer Collection!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook, you probably saw some of our latest posts about our newest addition – the Jennifer Collection. On today’s blog we’re going to review the four options in the collection and show some fabulous combinations that you can make from them. This collection is quickly becoming a best seller, so make sure you order before your size runs out!

The collection features a thong, a garter belt, and two different styles of bras – both a push up and a full cup option. Depending on your bust size and the shape you are going for, you may want one of each, or prefer to stick to one style.… Read more

Celebrate National Stocking Day With Secrets In Lace!

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National Stocking Day is October 19th, and we couldn’t be happier to celebrate! This is basically our Christmas, and with this wonderful holiday coming up, we’re also offering you some discounts on our products as well as a chance to win a $50 gift card! Because if there’s anything better than celebrating the beauty of stockings, its being able to save a few bucks along the way. First, any of our shoppers can enjoy a 10% discount from the Leg Salon by simply using the code “NSD” at the checkout. There’s also a chance to win a gift card by posting a picture of yourself in your favorite Secrets in Lace product and using the hashtag: #secretsinlace.… Read more

Keeping The Romance Alive With Our Exclusive Accessories, Outerwear, And Loungewear!

Don’t you just love Fall? It’s the perfect time to revamp your wardrobe and have some fun with layering, and new fashion trends for the season. While some of us may be sad to see the warmer days behind us, there’s still plenty to get excited about for the upcoming months. Today, we’re featuring some of our outerwear, accessories, and loungewear that are perfect for lounging around on cool evenings, or getting ready to step out in style for a night on the town. Keep reading to see our favorite picks for Fall!

Crinolines and Petticoats are so much fun to work into your wardrobe.… Read more

Your Favorite Starlets Behind The Scenes!

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Profiling vintage starlets is something that we love to do for a multitude of reasons – they had killer style, interesting and engaging careers, and let’s be honest, they weren’t too hard on the eyes! But outside of their beauty and allure, all of these women were real people. Today we’re keeping it real by profiling some of our favorites by showing them during a candid moment, to remind us that even though they may have been the epitome of glitz and glamour they weren’t superheroes, and just like you and me, they put their stockings on one leg at a time.… Read more

Starlet, and Angel of the Week: Jaclyn Smith!

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Can you really ever have too many starlets? We didn’t think so, that’s why we’ve got another great one to profile this week! We’re talking about Jaclyn Smith, the american born actress who you may know as one of your favorite Charlie’s Angels, but also proved to be a savvy business woman, and above all a beautiful and fashionable starlet! Keep reading to learn about her past, some interesting facts, and of course some wonderful pictures of her throughout the years as well.
Jaclyn was born to the name Jacquelyn Ellen Smith, but it was later shortened to make a bit easier to spell for castings.… Read more

Starlet of the Week: Eartha Kitt

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We’re back this week with another starlet who will have you pulling out your old records and envying her killer style. We’re talking about Eartha Kitt, born in 1927 in South Carolina, this lady proved to have multiple talents and remained active in the industry for decades. She was born into confusion – on a cotton plantation to the name Eatha Mae Keith. She was given away by her mother and never had any confirmation of who her father was. She was raised by a woman named Anna Riley until she died which is what brought Eartha to relocate to New York to be raised by another relative.… Read more