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How To Make the High Waisted Trend Work For You

High waisted styles are some of the greatest things that came out of vintage fashion, and many designers are working that trend into modern day collections. Whether you choose to go high waisted in lingerie and shapewear or clothing for daytime, today we’re featuring some of our favorite high waisted trends and why this style is flattering for all.

The first reason to go high waisted is that it’s in style. Like we mentioned, this style is reminiscent of the vintage era, and there’s nothing chicer today than going vintage. You will find many skirts and shorts raising their waist lines to accentuate an hourglass figure.… Read more

Sexy Retro Lingerie Sets from Secrets In Lace!

Are you in the market for a great new lingerie set? There are certainly a wide variety of gorgeous options out there for you to choose from, but it’s no secret that it can all become a little overwhelming.  Women of the 40’s and 50’s had great style, but were often limited in the different styles offered. At Secret’s in Lace we clearly want to carry on that vintage feel and look in our garments, but also give you a wider variety to choose from. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, or picking out a gift for a special someone, this week we are featuring three great types of lingerie sets which all have different purposes.… Read more

Valentine’s Day Lingerie By Secrets In Lace!

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Last week we gave some tips for what gifts women would love to receive on Valentineʼs Day. But that doesnʼt mean that us ladies wonʼt do a little shopping for ourselves as well! Prepping and planning for this holiday is all about creating the most romantic vibe possible, something that Secrets in Lace makes pretty easy to do. Today, weʼre talking about some great products that will make your Valentineʼs Day even sexier than normal. Make sure to order in time so that youʼre ready to go when the big day is here.

Who says stockings have to be boring? Not us!… Read more

Garter Belts vs. Open Bottom Girdles vs. Waist Cinchers…Whatʼs the Difference?

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A lot different types of lingerie obviously started for purely functional reasons, and their transition into todayʼs world has stayed functional, but of course incorporating style and sex appeal. Needless to say, the different types can get a little confusing, sometimes you canʼt tell the difference just by looking at them. Today weʼre clearing up any confusion between garter belts, open bottom girdles, and waist cinchers. Based on their design they can become easily mixed up, but there are some subtle differences to point out so you can make the best decision on which one works best for you!

Garter belts, like the others, are worn around the waist, and their original function was to hold up your stockings with the garters (the straps), since the magic of stay-up thigh highs and pantyhose had not yet been invented.… Read more