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Bridal Stockings At Secrets in Lace!

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What you wear under your dress is just as important as the accessories wear over it. This week we are highlighting some of our most unique stockings. Stockings can help you express your personality, make your legs look even better, and just make you feel elegant. These stockings may help you do all three.

Veronica Thigh High by Secrets in Lace


Let’s start off with the most wearable and subtle piece. The Veronica Thigh Hi is perfect for any woman looking for flawless legs, and the best part you don’t even have to invest in a garter belt! Even though garter belts are amazing pieces of lingerie and shapewear, they can create texture under your dress if you do not have a big dress.… Read more

Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories by Secrets in Lace!

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The bride and groom will always be the main attraction during a wedding, but the bridesmaid are not too hard to recognize as well. Have you ever wondered why you choose the people you do for your bridal party? Or when did having a bridesmaid become a popular and traditional part of your wedding?

Sheer Glove Elbow by Secrets in Lace

We all love having our closest friends and family surrounding us, especially for special events. Seeing your wedding party as people who have loved and care for you makes sense why we want our bridesmaids to look the best that they can, and have them apart of something so dear as a wedding.… Read more

Glamorous Gloves and Wedding Accessories by Secrets in Lace

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Congratulations, you are getting married! Now it’s time to start planning your big day. Planning your wedding day can be hectic and chaotic, but overall a time you’ll reminisce on. That is why you need to take care of the little details now before you forget about them. The little details are going to be your accessories, the piece that helps you look and feel slim, and maybe even a petticoat.


Sheer Glove Over Elbow by Secrets in Lace

This sheer pair is for the bride who loves the classic look of gloves! The Sheer Glove Over Elbow are made to make special occasions even more glamorous, and what day is more special than your wedding?… Read more

Get Ready for Romance with the Angelique Collection from Secrets in Lace!

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We all love white for weddings, but there’s no white lingerie like the Angelique set! This extraordinary retro styled lingerie set will be perfect under your dream dress, on your honeymoon and beyond. Check out the details below to find out what makes this bridal set extra special.


Angelique Bra by Secrets in Lace

The Angelique Bra is a delicate two-section full cup piece made of quality Italian lace and sheer fabric to provide comfortable support. The straps can transform into a halter-top or criss-cross back to fit a number of necklines. Wear this with your dream vintage wedding gown!… Read more

Get Ready for Bridal Season at Secrets in Lace!

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We’re starting to see some signs of spring, which puts us all in a wedding sort of mood. While February may be the season of love, spring and summer are the season of weddings! If you’re planning on getting married later this year, we have a full selection of lingerie and shapewear for you to choose from. Keep in mind that if you are planning to wear a specific piece of lingerie under your wedding dress, you should make sure that you both try on your dress and have it fitted with that exact bra or corset underneath.

While great lingerie is the foundation of wedding look, we can’t help but love all the little romantic touches you can add to a dress.… Read more

Sheer For The Summer!

The summer is great for so many things: picnics, trips to the beach, etc. But the one thing that can put a bit of a damper on summer fun is the heat. No need to worry, we have some sheer pieces that are not only incredibly classy and beautiful, but also light enough to keep you cool in the summer evenings. Sheer fabric is wonderful because it automatically adds a level of elegance and sexiness to any article of clothing, let alone a piece of lingerie. It is such a delicate way to make a bold statement. Below, we have some pieces that are the perfect addition to any woman’s lingerie collection.… Read more

Vintage Romance: Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier

Wedding season is upon us, and how better to start it than to remember one of the most iconic dresses worn by one of the most iconic women of our time. Yes, we are talking about Grace Kelly, hollywood starlet and later Princess of Monaco.

Grace Kelly was born on November 12, 1929 in Philadelphia. She was the youngest of three children and came from a affluent family that was influential in both local politics and the art and drama community. Her graduation yearbook listed Ingrid Bergman as her favorite actress and her graduation “prophecy” was one of fame and fortune.… Read more

How To Put A Vintage Spin On Your Wedding!

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Regardless of whether or not you are about to get married, most women love looking at bridal magazines or fantasizing about what their big day could be like. Of course, there is usually a lot of anticipation around what the bride is wearing. Modern brides today are up to date on the latest bridal trends, but many women still want that traditional look as they’re walking down the aisle. Today we’re featuring some iconic bridal dresses that stay true to vintage fashion.


Wide shoulders and a deep v-neck create a gorgeous silhouette, and like many vintage wedding gowns this one features lots of lace and delicate beading.… Read more

Weddings, Secrets In Lace Style

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Everything sold and done at Secrets in Lace should be able to go back to our motto of “Keeping the Romance Alive.” It got me thinking, whatʼs the true meaning of romance? It could be a single action of affection by a loved one, a feeling evoked by something as simple as a silky fabric or candles, or even the ideas manifested in your head fed to us from the media. Romance can differ from person to person, couple to couple, but thereʼs one event thatʼs pretty much incontestable in being defined as romantic. A day thatʼs dedicated to celebrate the love between two people, a wedding of course!… Read more